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aboutsatvbox.jpgMission Statement:

Success in Aging TV™ (SATV) is a web-site designed to educate, motivate, and inspire people of all ages to act now for their own success in aging!  SATV offers a variety of entertaining and informative educational television programs relevant to the interests, experiences and vital issues of men and women ages 50 and above.  Success in Aging TV™ rejects the view that aging must include isolation and depression!  SATV seeks to encourage people who are aging, people who care for the elderly and people who care about aging issues for themselves and those they love.  


Our objective is to create internet-specific forms of media that will empower people with knowledge and practical information to improve their quality of life.  Success in Aging TV™ brings together Gerontologists and Geriatricians of many specialties on a website platform in written and streaming video formats to talk about successful aging principles that will address the aging of all generations.   


Success in Aging TV™ allows the general public access to good information about success-in-aging principles.  SATV informs viewers on government policy, creates a forum for aging people to connect with and learn from each other via the Internet, and serves its audience of all ages with answers to their questions by aging experts.   


Our goal is to reach a wide target audience of 78 million people known as the “Baby Boom Generation”, and the 13 million who are already over the age of 65: The Greatest Generation and their younger brothers and sisters.  

Advertising with SATV:

SuccessInAgingTV™.com is a creative and innovative information website utilizing education and entertainment to empower the viewer and improve the quality of life for our audience! Based on this clear objective, we provide a unique advantage to local and national advertisers in enabling them to more effectively and efficiently reach this demographically-rich audience at a remarkably lower cost than through existing national media outlets such as television, radio and the wide variety of print media.  Cost per gross impression is lower than any other source. 

SATV is an interactive website with topics that include: Health and Nutrition, Fitness, Get Organized, Lifestyles, Fashion Over 50, Faith and Religion, Technology, Public Policy, Forums (Support Groups), Blogs and Interviews.  SATV’s primary outlets will be broadband Internet, cable networks, wireless networks, independent television stations and alternate affiliates, in both national and international markets.  Success in Aging TV™ is head-quartered in Irvine, California.

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