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I've spent my entire working life producing various forms of media for radio, television and film. I've been privileged to serve the needs of several non-profit organizations in the creation of many informational and documentary styled projects. Nearly twenty years ago I also began working in the field of financial planning, specializing in meeting the needs of retired persons. Five years back I began planning a series of educational and informational video programs to be distributed to my 5,000 financial clients. That plan grew into the production of this television project...American Senior.

This program is a fulfillment of my dream to reach into the lives of seniors with a message of hope. A message that plainly demands..."If You're not Dead...You're not Done!"

Encouraging, challenging, informing, educating, and entertaining the fastest growing segment of our population...Pre-Retirees and Retirees, between the ages of 55 and 95!

There are so many areas of interest in the lives of the retired people I've worked for and researched through focus groups, client studies as well as anecdotal sources. Most retired people are concerned with Medical News, Financial Updates, Nutrition, Fitness, Estate Planning, Travel and Leisure, with a little Adventure thrown in for entertainment purposes and Voila...I present:


Nelson Broadcast Media, originally Nelson Productions back in 1973, was formed to provide media solutions to industry on a corporate basis, then on a commercial basis. Founded by Craig Nelson, Nelson Broadcast has always been committed to the creation of audio, video and film tools that included projects for companies like, American Airlines, Nike, Exxon Oil, Wild Rivers Irvine, Fieldstone Developers, JC Carter, First Lady Nancy Reagan's A.S.A.P. (Advocates for Substance Abuse Prevention), IMAX Films, among literally hundreds of others over the past 30 plus years. Craig's passion for providing media projects for non-profit organizations has consistently littered his resume as well. Working with the Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles, Orange County Rescue Mission, AMOR (building homes at the city dump of Tijuana, Mexico), Fireproof (an outreach to junior high and high school students), Good News (an outreach to seniors confined to convalescent, long term, and nursing homes) run by Sam Parsons, among others.

Nelson Broadcast Media is so very excited to be developing and creating American Senior. A television program dedicated to educating, informing and encouraging pre-retirees and retirees. After years of working with seniors, Craig decided to expand the "video newsletter" concept he had worked on for his financial company to a nationally syndicated television broadcast designed especially for the very seniors he'd served over the years.

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