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Faith & Religion

Welcome to the FAITH AND RELIGION WebPages! In these pages, you will meet bloggers and other authors who love God, have studied religion, are practicing their faith, and who are articulate, yet humble about their FAITH AND RELIGION.

They invite your questions and will answer you in their blogs and articles. I think you will enjoy and be challenged by this very important subject. Spirituality in Aging has been a “hot topic” in gerontological circles in recent years. Research from many top universities—among them, Stanford, Duke, and Miami, at Ohio—has proven that people who practice their faith, regularly read religious writings, and participate in faith communities are healthier, longer-lived and happier individuals. They fall into that group of “successful agers” that we all yearn to be!

So join us in that awesome time in our lifespan development when we become honest with who we are now and how we perceive what is real in our daily spiritual journey. May God bless YOU as you seek Him!

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