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Daniel Lines is a Masters of Gerontology student at Cal State University, Fullerton and holds a Bachelor degree in Human Services. Daniel has been in the field of Gerontology for the last seven years serving older adults in many capacities. He has been immersed in technology since a very young age and has combined that knowledge with his experience of working with older adults. One of his many passions in life is to help older adults in any way possible to better the aging process.

Daniel works at Success In Aging TV™ as our first MSG intern. Daniel is adept in bridging generational issues, and gives the credit to having a grandparent in his home during his teens. He respects and admires older adults, and has chosen to make Aging his professional career. Daniel is also terrific in computer research! He is very interested in using technology to benefit seniors, even when using these new technologies might seem overwhelming to some. Daniel will be in charge of our “My Grandparents Rock!” video contest, and looks forward to the uploads that you or your “youngers” will be sending us. Visit this part of the website under the FEATURES section of the HOME PAGE.

Daniel fits his Master’s studies in between trips, his work creating recreational programs for active seniors and keeping up with his culinary-gifted, English-professor wife, Kari. Daniel grew up in Southern California and enjoys time with his wife and their friends, computers, cars, travel and wine tasting. He can be reached at [email protected].

Wii™ and Older Adults by Daniel Lines | Print |

While older adults often sneer at children and teenagers’ obsession with video games and claim that these devices will one day rot their brains, little do they know that one day they could be joining their grandchildren at the video screen under their doctors’ orders. According to ABC News, seniors are turning out in droves to play the video gaming system made by Nintendo, Wii. The Wii is very popular because it allows the individual to engage there whole body while playing. Video games like the Wii™ can encourage socialization among older adults, provide stimulation to the brain, and improve hand-eye coordination. All of which may help counteract the effects of dementia and Alzheimer disease.

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