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Workshop 2009

Gerontology: Gero Nation

What is Gerontology and Why Would YOU Need a Gerontologist? | Print |

Gerontology is typically defined as the study of the processes of aging, those multiple and interrelated changes that affect the biological, behavioral, and social aspects of life after 60 years. Gerontology is more than just the study of aging; it also includes providing service to older people and their families; this is the practice of gerontology. Gerontology is applying what is known in relevant and helpful ways to alleviate some of the challenges that frequently accompany old age, to aid in prevention of other problems, and to enhance the opportunities for personal growth in older years (Peterson, 1987).

A Mother's Calling | Print |

Student Earns Master's Degree in Gerontology to Better Attend to her Brain-Injured Son

May 6, 2008

By Mimi Ko Cruz

The dreaded phone call no mother wants arrived on St. Patrick's Day — 25 years ago.

A frantic voice on the line spewed only six words, over and over, each time louder and louder: "Mama come quick! Troy hurt bad!"

The voice belonged to a 9-year-old girl, the only person who could say a few words in English in a host family's home in Mexico , where 18-year-old Troy Amstuz was studying as an exchange student.

Re-Creating Neighborhoods | Print |
Re-Creating Neighborhoods By Pauline Abbott, PhD Making communities accessible for older residents March 3, 2008 CSUF TITAN Website By Valerie Orleans

Designing neighborhoods that work for the young and the old ensures the health of individuals and communities alike. As baby boomers grow older, city planners, developers and boomers themselves are starting to assess ways to make neighborhoods more accessible and welcoming for those who are growing older. Pauline Abbott, director of Cal State Fullerton's Institute for Gerontology, recently co-edited a forthcoming book, "Re-creating Neighborhoods for Successful Aging," that draws from the fields of gerontology, health sciences, community planning, landscape architecture and environmental design to explore ways to make communities safer and more friendly to populations that are growing older.

The California Council On Gerontology & Geriatrics | Print |
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